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Дата публикации25.11.2017 01:03

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Good day Sir, How are you doing ? Top Spices Co from Egypt has very special and competitive offer for Parsley, Dill, Basil, and Marjoram as following: Parsley: 1200 USD/Mt/ CFR. Dill Tips: 1175 USD/Mt/ CFR. Marjoram: 1100 USD/Mt/ CFR. Basil: 1050 USD/Mt/ CFR. Price is including Freight to your port. Quality: Grade A Packing: 25 Kg Polypropylene bags. Best Regards ! Attia Mohamed. General Manager. : +21022198203. : +201121989625. Email: info@top-spices.com Email: sales@top-spices.com Email: quality@top-spices.com Email: logistics@top-spices.com Web: www.top-spices.com Head Office: 32611 Saft Gedam, Tala City Al Minufiyah Government, Egypt. Tel & Fax: +20483706690.
Город Saft Gedam, Tala City,
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